Auger Torque is the worldwide market leader in earth drills and accessories. In addition they offer a range of other equipment including trenchers, hedge trimmers, cement mixers and pallet forks.
Auger Torque is strongly committed to innovation and the most advanced technologies are applied in the development of the equipment mentioned above.

Auger Torque also operates in accordance with a powerful vision. First of all, they listen to the challenges experienced by the customers. They examine where the points of attention are located, then they get started on the development process.
This customer-centric approach has led to the successful conversion of practical ideas into specific applications. It is this which adds value to Auger Torque’s equipment: they make the job easier and increase profit.


Verhoeven has been selling Auger Torque equipment for more than 15 years under its own brand, VemaTEC. Since 1st June 2017 we are appointed as exclusive importer in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In our new role as exclusive importer, we sell the equipment under its original brand name: Auger Torque, with the familiar blue and yellow livery.

Years of partnership means Verhoeven can maintain a close relationship with Auger Torque, which also means that specific customisation can be developed.

If you would like more information about Auger Torque, visit the website: