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BMWT inspection

Verhoeven is a BMWT-certified inspection company. This means that Verhoeven has been certified by the BMWT trade organisation, and that Verhoeven’s inspectors inspect your equipment according to all the applicable technical and safety requirements. As a result of this inspection, a safety report is drawn up and an inspection sticker is applied to the actual machine, identifying when the next inspection is to take place. The BMWT inspection is often combined with the regular maintenance service.

The quality of Verhoeven’s BMWT inspections is guaranteed by the fact that TÜV Nederland carries out periodic inspections to make sure that certified companies continue to comply with the high quality standard of the BMWT quality mark.

In addition to these periodic audits of the inspection companies, TÜV also performs sample checks of the inspections that have been carried out.

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