Maintenance of undercarriage components for a longer service life

Regular inspections and timely repairs or overhauls help to avoid any unnecessary high costs of keeping your undercarriage components in shape. That is why it is advisable to have your undercarriage checked for any wear and tear in good time. Verhoeven has an extensive data base of undercarriage wear measurement results and specifications. This data forms the basis for a suitable undercarriage advice.

Free undercarriage inspection Verhoeven offers a free inspection of all your undercarriages. No strings attached! Your undercarriages are inspected on site, at your location, by a Verhoeven expert who will analyse the wear and tear of the undercarriage and will, if applicable, give you free advice for any repair work required. Undercarriage inspection of your entire fleet Of course, we also offer inspections of the undercarriages of your entire fleet of machines. Our experts will then accurately map the technical maintenance state of your entire machine fleet.

Apply for an undercarriage inspection now If you would like to sign your undercarriage up for an inspection, then fill in the contact form or phone us on +31(0)495 59 66 66.