Schäffer 2428

Here you will find information, images and the digitale brochure about this machine

Technical specifications

Name Schäffer 2428
Brand Schäffer
Type 2428
Weight 1820 KG
Engine Dieselmotor
Engine Power 25 HP
Number of cilinders 3
Height 2.09 m
Hefkracht 1700 KG
Kipbelasting 1354 KG
URS Category Wheel loader

  • Overall length with standard bucket: 3,750 mm
  • Overall width: 940 – 1,240 mm
  • Max. working height: 2,960 mm
  • Speed: 0 – 15 kph
  • Traction hydraulics: hydrostatic-automotive
  • Working hydraulics: delivery rate: from 33l/min –
    operating pressure: 200 bar

All new Schäffer loaders lift relatively heavy loads despite
low operating weights. The tipping load of the smallest
new type 2428 machine is already more than 1,000 kg.
This is made possible by a specially designed front end.
It is lower in comparison with the standard machine, thus
improving the driver’s view of the tool.
The lifting cylinder is stronger. The thicknesses of the
swinging fork and supports were also increased to match
the performance gains. The lifting height of the new loaders
is between 2.30 m and 3.40 m.

The workhorse for every day

Schäffer loaders increase productivity
and are genuinely fun to drive

The Schäffer 2428 is suitable for operations of all kinds
thanks to its perfect combination of performance, driving
comfort and reliability. The hydrostatic traction drive
delivers high thrust forces coupled with very low fuel
consumption. The machine is very simple and intuitive. The view of the
attachments is excellent. The comfortable seating position
guarantees relaxed and productive work at all times for the

Schäffer axles –stability and safety guaranteed

Schäffer axles are optimised for each model. The force
of the hydrostatic drive is converted into endless thrust.
The perfect coordination of the complete drive
system helps save fuel.

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