Schäffer 3450 S

Here you will find information, images and the digitale brochure about this machine

Technical specifications

Name Schäffer 3450 S
Brand Schäffer
Type 3450 S
Weight 3300 KG
Engine Kubota dieselmotor
Engine Power 50 HP
Number of cilinders 4
Height 2.23 m
Hefkracht 2200 KG
Kipbelasting Schepbak 2412 KG
Kipbelasting Palletvork 2120 KG
URS Category Wheel loader

  • Overall length with standard bucket: 4,400 mm
  • Overall width: 1,140 – 1.680 mm
  • Max. working height: 3,250 mm
  • Speed: 0 – 20 kph
    Option: 0 – 28 kph
  • Traction hydraulics: hydrostatic-automotive, HTF
  • Working hydraulics: delivery rate: from 60 l/min –
    operating pressure: 200 bar

Exacting requirements need (more) power Schäffer 3450 S
Schäffer has the right machine in its portfolio for any performance requirements

The 3450 S loader rounds off the top end of the Schäffer
program for the landscape gardening and the construction
industries. With a higher tipping load compared with
the very successful 2445, the 3450 S has enough power in
reserve for the toughest of tasks. It’s still very compact dimensions
make this machine the ideal workhorse in hard to reach areas. And high traction force and agility guarantee
driving pleasure.

The 3450 S can move pallets weighing 2.0 tonnes. A narrow and very
low front end optimises the driver’s view of the attachment.
High traction force boost productivity. And with a lifting height of
2.60 m, convenient loading and unloading – even of larger commercial
vehicles – is no longer a problem.