Schäffer 5680 T

Here you will find information, images and the digitale brochure about this machine

Technical specifications

Name Schäffer 5680 T
Brand Schäffer
Type 5680 T
Weight 4840 KG
Engine Deutz Turbo dieselmotor
Engine Power 75 HP
Number of cilinders 4
Height 2.58 m
Hefkracht 2400 KG
Kipbelasting 2660 KG
URS Category Telescopic wheel loader

  • Overall length with standard bucket: 5,432 mm
  • Overall width: 1,720- 1,800 mm
  • Max. dumping height: 3,862 mmm
  • Speed: 0 – 20 kph in 2 gears switchable under load
    Option: 0 – 30 kph
  • Traction hydraulics: hydrostatic-automotive, HTF
  • Working hydraulics: delivery rate: from 64l/min –
    operating pressure: 220 bar

Added value as a factory standard

Here are just six reasons that make these loaders value added machines:

1. The lifting height of up to 4.74 m in the 4 t class is
simply exceptional.

2. The optimised Z-kinematics and the strong tool cylinder in the lifting arm ensure a high level of breakout force.

3. The sliders in the telescopic arm are made of a special Ferro-Form composite. A long service life is
guaranteed, as the material is practically wear-free.

4. Thanks to a low boom attachment point the driver enjoys excellent all-round visibility. The driver
always has a perfect overview, and can thus work quickly and safely.

5. The rear axle is freely suspended and contributes
to the excellent stability of the loader. Good for
your safety, and for off-road use.

6. Deutz engine technology: Indestructible, economical,
quiet and strong. An oxidising catalytic converter is
used in the exhaust emission control system.