Schäffer 9640 T

Here you will find information, images and the digitale brochure about this machine

Technical specifications

Name Schäffer 9640 T
Brand Schäffer
Type 9640 T SLT
Weight 8400 KG
Engine Kubota turbo Common Rail
Engine Power 136 HP
Number of cilinders 4
Height 2.86 m
Hefkracht 4200 KG
Kipbelasting 5350 KG
URS Category Telescopic wheel loader

  • Overall length with standard bucket: 6,260 mm
  • Overall width: 2,330 – 2,380 mm
  • Max. dumping height: 4,574 mm
  • Speed: 0 – 30 kph in 2 gears
    switchable under load,
    Option: 0 – 40 kph
  • Traction hydraulics: hydrostatic-automotive, HTF
  • Working hydraulics: Delivery rate: from 145 l/min
    Operating pressure: 220 bar

Schäffer 9640 T: Telescopic wheel loader fot highest demands

The impressive 9640 T achieves an operating weight between
8,400 kg and 9,700 kg, depending on the ballast. With a payload
of up to 4,160 kg, it lifts loads to a height of 5.40 m. The
loader is powered by a powerful 100 kW /136 HP 4-cylinder
Deutz engine of the latest generation. Standard equipment
includes the sensitive but extremely powerful load-sensing
working hydraulics with a delivery volume of 145 l/min, the
robust 24-inch tyres and hydraulically driven fan, which can
also be used in reverse operation for easy cleaning.

Like the 9660 T, the 9640 T has the option of ’SDCT’ including
ECO mode. ‘SDCT’ stands for Schäffer Dual Clutch Transmission.
Two driving modes are available which can be shifted
under load. In driving mode two, the loader runs at speeds of
up to 40 kph, with all the advantages of a hydrostatic drive. In
driving mode one, the loader develops enormous thrust forces
thanks to a dual clutch transmission.

The patented drive allows most work to be carried out without
shifting, and the transmission operates with a high degree of
efficiency, so that the fuel is converted into power very economically. This is additionally supported by ECO mode, which
is standard in the 40 kph version.

With the new SCV Plus cab, the 9640 T offers the best conditions
for long working days. It sets high standards in driving
comfort and ergonomics.