After the holiday your tracked machines have to get back to work too!

After a year of hard work it is always good to get a little break in order to get back to work well-rested afterwards. This is also the case for your tracked machines, are these well-rested too? Is the undercarriage in shape? There is nothing more annoying than finding out that your machine is not employable because the undercarriage is worn out.

Thankfully this is not the case yet, plan a free undercarriage inspection.

There is enough time to plan an appointment with one of the undercarriage specialists of Verhoeven before the summer break to prevent the situation mentioned above. We inspect the machine when it suits you best in order to minimize your machine being idle.

You’ll receive an in-depth report of our findings with recommendations in the end. Our recommendations are accompanied with a quotation, clear and well explained. An undercarriage inspection is completely free and it’s your call what actually needs to be revised on your machine.

Top brands Berco & VemaTrack

Verhoeven b.v. has almost all undercarriages in stock. Our product line consists of the brand Berco: Worldwide number 1 in the field of undercarriages and our own brand VemaTrack, a strong competitive alternative.


Make an appointment

I am active as a Verhoeven undercarriage specialist in the north-east region of the Netherlands. I happily come by to conduct a free undercarriage inspection.

You can contact me by phone: 06-21802112
Of course, undercarriage inspections are available everywhere in the Benelux.


Blog auteur Anne Schipper


       Anne Schipper 

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