The drive attachments by Auger Torque are so much more than just earth drills

Just like Auger Torque, Verhoeven places great value on superior products and excellent service. We will be pleased to advise you on finding the right tool for your machine. In this blog, we will tell you a few things about why the Auger Torque drive attachment is so powerful. You may want to consider these points when you’re thinking about purchasing a drive attachment.

Auger Torque drive attachment

Applications and extras

A drive attachment combined with an earth drill is most commonly used for fencing work, screw piles, screw anchors, tree planting, heat pumps and ground drainage. However it is possible to connect other tools to the drive attachment so it can be used for a wider variety of applications. For instance, the drive attachment can be connected to concrete or mortar mixers, a wood splitter for cleaving wood or a stump cutter that deposits the chips of wood besides the tree stump (instead of hurling them dozens of metres away like a traditional stump cutter). This saves a lot of clearing up when working near to ponds and canals.

How a drive attachment works

Planetary gear mechanism – sun gear (primary) / planetary gear (transmission) / satellite gear (secondary)

gear mechanism

Gears transfer rotational energy from a high-speed axle to a low-speed axle and in doing also so increase the rotational energy on the other axle.

The sun gear is attached to the powered central axle. When the sun gear makes 6 rotations for every 1 rotation of the satellite gear, we call this a 6 to 1 ratio (reduction factor). For example, by applying a torque of 1000 Nm to the primary sun gear, and using the same reduction factor, the planetary gears enable a torque of 6000 Nm to be transferred to the satellite gear.

The fastest motor is not the most powerful or optimal motor

The factors that you need to consider when choosing the right drive attachment for your machine include the hydraulic pressure and how many litres of hydraulic fluid that your machine supplies for its extra function. The smallest drive attachment can provide a torque of 1200 Nm at a supply pressure of 185 bar. If the machine also supplies 32 litres of hydraulic fluid per minute, the drive attachment will attain 81 revolutions per minute. That may not seem a lot, but a machine with these specifications only weighs between 750 kg and 1 ton and might have to effortlessly rotate a drill screw with a diameter of 300 mm in the ground.

For instance, when combined with the right machine, it is possible to go up in size to drill screws with a diameter of 2.4 m that work at 320 bar with 280 litres of hydraulic fluid per minute. Although this drill will only be able to attain 30 revolutions per minute, it will have a torque of almost 50,000 Nm. That is actually around 50 tons of pressure, if you fit a 1 m auger bit to turn the auger flight.

A Heavy-duty or Rock-duty auger flight

When choosing your auger flight, naturally the diameter will be your greatest priority. However, the ground that you want to bore into will also determine which teeth are most suitable for the auger flight. In medium-hard types of ground with some stones or rocks, it is common to work with tungsten auger teeth. Verhoeven supplies heavy-duty auger flights in the Low Countries. Rock-duty auger flights are also available which make it possible to bore into surfaces such as asphalt and other hard ground. The rock-duty auger flights are the most efficient when it is possible to apply a greater downward pressure with the machine.

Service and non-dislodgement shaft

Service and non-dislodgement shaft

It is good to know that the drive attachment is encased in a housing that can protect it against extreme conditions. The axle in the drive attachment has been constructed so that it is guaranteed not to dislodge from the motor. The non-dislodgement shaft by Auger Torque is essential if you work on sites where safety is a priority. This part of the axle and the gears rotates in a highly synthetic oil to which Auger Torque has added a blue dye. The colour of any leaking oil makes it possible to quickly identify if the leakage comes from a hydraulic leak in the couplings or hoses as this oil is coloured yellow. If the leaking oil is blue, then it comes from the seals of the drive attachment. If the oil is green, the leak can be traced back to an internal leak between the motor and the gearbox.

To extend the working life and maintain the 6-year guarantee, the transmission oil must be drained and replaced by an accredited Auger Torque dealer after the first 500 operating hours or 6 months after purchase and then every year or every 500 operating hours.

A wide range of drive attachments

Auger Torque drive attachments are available in a wide variety of sizes. There are various models which are suitable for everything from 750 kg excavators to 50 ton machines, and for truck-mounted cranes and skid loaders. We can supply the common models from our warehouse in Maarheeze (The Netherlands). We will be pleased to help you choose the right model. For assistance, please contact us on: +31 (0)495-596666.



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