Bucket reparation; expensive or cost-effective?

We have all seen them, a bucket with a worn out blade. But what to do? Is it cost-effective to repair this? How to prevent it? I’ll explain it below.


A standard bucket is created with durable steel, you would say they can withstand the extreme working conditions. But they certainly not last forever; earth, rubble, etc. scrapes against the bucket and sooner or later the blade thickness of your bucket will wear out. It is most clearly visible when the cutting edge blade gets round edges as a result of scraping. In more extreme cases the back of the bucket contains holes.

Is it better to repair a bucket? Because, a bucket can be a large investment. For machines above 20 ton it is definitely worth to consider it.





Bucket reparation requires special welding. First, our experienced welders inspect the bucket and determine what parts need to be replacement. Afterwards, the parts are cut out. The junctures are cleaned and a HARDOX plate is tailored, ready to be welded on the edge.

This is the process how the main blade is replaced on the picture. You can see the customer followed our advice to reinforce the bucket. Beneath the cutting edge blade a non-reversible weld-on cutting edge blade is chosen. The sides contain welded strips of steel and the corners are reinforced with choc-bars.


bakreparatie-verhoeven-1   bakreparatie-verhoeven-1



A bucket comes standard with a blade; the cutting edge. To prevent wear patterns, you can choose from one of the following alternatives: half-arrow profile blade, a weld-on cutting edge blade (non-reversible) or a bolt-on cutting edge blade.

A half-arrow profile blade protects the cutting edge blade. It is the half-arrow profile blade that will wear out instead of the cutting edge. It is mounted on the cutting edge blade by welding strips. Because of the lower cost per meter of a half-arrow profile blade and less work to replace it, this is a good option when buying a new bucket.



Bucket reparation is worth the consideration

A bucket reparation is definitely worth it to consider. Preventive inspection and reparation can take away a lot of stress from the driver because it increases their working precision. As an owner/buyer keep in mind that these options can lengthen the life duration of your bucket, so you can procrastinate your bucket reparation…. A win-win situation.




      Chris Salaj

Salesman Undercarriage components & equipment

District: Belgium Central




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