Carefree back to work after the summer? Do the undercarriage check!

Free undercarriage inspection

The summer months are a perfect time to have your undercarriage reconditioned. Is everything alright or do some parts need replacement? After the free undercarriage inspection you’ll know exactly what your undercarriage needs. Make an appointment now and our experienced inspectors will visit you very soon. They will take the time to thoroughly inspect your undercarriage in order to give you the best advice. According to this advice we can repair or recondition your undercarriage in one of our workplaces so you can immediately get back to work after the holiday. You’ll be well-rested and your machines as good as new.

In 60 years Verhoeven Undercarriage has grown out to be the most trustworthy specialist in earth-moving machines, attachments and undercarriages. Verhoeven is the only supplier of Berco and Vematrack in the Benelux. For you, this results in: Always receive the right part quickly for all machines and applications. You have the choice between the parts of worldwide number 1; Berco or the ones of our very competitive alternative; VemaTrack.

Directly request a free undercarriage check on our Verhoeven Undercarriage website:

Our experienced people

We possess over a team of experienced professionals who are continuously retrained and operate in workplaces that are equipped with the latest technologies and equipment.

This summer we stay fully operational to complete reparations and maintenance. Your undercarriage check is performed by our team of experienced professionals. You are assured of a thorough inspection and proficient advice.

The best offer

We would be delighted to show you that the largest company can also be the most cost-effective, to find this out please submit a quotation!

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