Do you use your bucket intensively? Protect it against excessive wear and tear.

Loading river sand or loading demolition debris are just a couple of activities that usually cause a lot of wear and tear to bucket cheeks and scoops.  ESCO™ offers various solutions for this: the Infinity Bimetallic Wear products.

Buckets are often fitted with wear parts that have a greater hardness. The cutting edges, wear strips and front parts of the side shrouds usually have a hardness of 400-500 Brinell. However, some work activities demand better protection. The Esco™ Infinity® Bimetallic wear solutions provide the answer.

These products are made from a chrome white cast iron alloy, that has been cast on to a mild steel backing plate. The “CWI top plate” has a minimum hardness of 700 Brinell, and the rear side is made from mild steel that is easy to weld to the bucket or scoop to be protected.

Esco Infinity button

Infinity button


Infinity® buttons, blocks, bars & runners

Infinity wear products are available in various shapes and sizes. Buckets, conveyor chutes, crushers, shovels, draglines, loaders, and excavators that are exposed to highly abrasive wear are just several of the many applications.  Infinity® Bars and Buttons are the most used in the earthmoving industry.

Infinity® buttons

These circular dome-shaped buttons are used on the bucket cheeks of wheel loaders and excavation machines to minimise the damage caused by high impact when loading coarse materials. They are available in diameters of 50 mm and 75 mm with a thickness of 25 mm, in a diameter of 90 mm with a thickness of 30 mm, in a diameter of 115 mm with a thickness of 32 mm thick and in a diameter of 150 mm with a thickness of 35 mm.

Esco Infinity bars

Infinity bar

Infinity® bars

Infinity bars are welded to the front of the side shrouds to protect the side shrouds. They are also used between the teeth of the cutting edge. Since they are milled in, they are easy to deform. For instead, by placing them in a small corner or curve. The Infinity bars are available in a length of 240 mm, and in widths of 25 – 38 – 50 – 65 – 90 – 100 – 130 mm.

Infinity® runners

Infinity runner

Infinity runner

Infinity runners are used to protect the underside of wheel loader buckets. These often become very worn from sliding over hard surfaces. They have a large surface area and cannot be deformed. The runners are available in two sizes: 150 x 250 mm and 250 x 250 mm.

Thanks to their hardness of 700 Brinell, the Infinity® products by ESCO® perform better than the competition and considerably extend the working life of buckets and scoops. Furthermore, the extensive range of wear parts means they can be broadly deployed. This is all combined with an excellent price-quality ratio, which means that choosing ESCO® will never lead to disappointment.

If you like more information about the ESCO® Infinity products, contact VemaTec (importer of ESCO products in the Benelux region) on +31 495 596 692.