One block for a loose bolt-on cutting edge

Is it time to turn your weld- or bolt-on cutting edge blade or is there need to mount a new one?

Welding a block on a certain place can prevent bolt holes from wearing out in your cutting edge blade. Oval wear patterns in bolt holes result in a loose weld- or bolt-on cutting edge blade. If this is the case, tightening your bolts in the is not sufficient anymore.

A tip that prevents this

Side ballast on bolts can be prevented by supplying the weld- or bolt-on cutting edge blade with an extra reinforcement that reduces movement. So a small steel block or strip against the cutting edge blade, welded to the weld- or bolt-on cutting edge blade.

If you assemble the block on the same height of the side panels, and on the inside with the same width compared to the cutting edge blade, you’ll never notice it and no materials will stick behind.


onderschroefmes grijper blokje   onderschroefmes grijper blokje


Do you want to grab track shoes or is the block in the way?

Assemble it on the back side of the weld- or bolt-on cutting edge blade. In this position the block gets more side ballast so it is advised to check it more often.

New grabbers of VemaTec have this new reinforcement feature, yours too? Weld them on your bucket today!

Intellectuals fix problems, a genius prevents them!

onderschroefmes grijper blokje












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