Get a firm and safe grasp with a VemaTec grab

When you’re looking for a demolition or sorting grab, you often hear things such as “we sell grabs”, “deliverable from stock” and “we’ve been specialists for years”. These comments do have an effect on consumers behaviour. However, what else should you pay attention to when you are thinking of [...]

How can chisels on demolition hammers break?

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent the chisel on your demolition hammer from wearing out over time, particularly if the hammer is used intensively. However, there are things you can do to ensure that the chisel on your hammer lasts as long as possible. You can extend the life of the chisel by [...]

Corona update: opening hours on saturday

As of Saturday (June 20), the Verhoeven branch in Maarheeze will be open again on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Of course we adhere to the regulations of RIVM. You are welcome again! 👍☕️ From next week (June 27), the Verhoeven branch in Zeewolde will also be open again on Saturdays. View the...

Obituary Mr. Verhoeven

On Saturday morning, May 30, we received the sad message that Mr. Verhoeven, the founder of our company, passed away. His health had been quite fragile for a long time. He was 89 years old. A professional in heart and soul with a sense of commerce, together with his wife, laid the foundation [...]

Follow-up guidelines corona virus

  Dear customer,   The government has drawn up a number of guidelines regarding the spread of the corona virus. Naturally, as an organization, we make every effort to follow these guidelines. Your safety and that of our employees is the priority at this time. At the same time, we [...]

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