Obituary Mr. Verhoeven

On Saturday morning, May 30, we received the sad message that Mr. Verhoeven, the founder of our company, passed away. His health had been quite fragile for a long time. He was 89 years old. A professional in heart and soul with a sense of commerce, together with his wife, laid the foundation [...]

Follow-up guidelines corona virus

  Dear customer,   The government has drawn up a number of guidelines regarding the spread of the corona virus. Naturally, as an organization, we make every effort to follow these guidelines. Your safety and that of our employees is the priority at this time. At the same time, we [...]

Broken rubber track… what now?

We’re all familiar with that moment: you’re looking at a split rubber track and you know it’s time to replace it. The tricky bit: what’s the best way to handle it? Perhaps you start off by looking at the sprockets, and if they don’t look too worn, well, maybe you can keep using them with...

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