Renting, leasing or buying earth-moving machine(s)

Are you interested in renting, leasing or buying one or more earth-moving machine(s)? Verhoeven offers various possibilities for renting, leasing or buying earth-moving machines, plus financing options.

Earth-moving machine rental
We offer a very extensive range of earth-moving machines for rental. The Verhoeven rental line includes a comprehensive range of excavators, articulated wheel loaders and dumpers of the top brands Takeuchi, Komatsu and Ausa. Verhoeven’s rental offering enables you to have high-quality equipment at your disposal, at excellent rental conditions, at all times.

Leasing earth-moving machine(s)
If you are considering leasing earth-moving machines, there are several possibilities. The advantages of leasing include: no need to make an investment from your company’s liquid assets, your credit facility with your bank will not be affected, better control and more transparency, one-stop shopping, off-balance sheet (in the event of operational lease) and tax advantages. You can choose between operational and financial leasing, depending on your specific requirements. Operational leasing enables you to buy the machine or trade it in for a new machine when the contract ends or to renew the contract. If you opt to lease your earth-moving machine(s), you may extend the lease contract with an optional maintenance, repairs and insurance package.

Financing earth-moving machine(s)
Verhoeven has teamed up with De Lage Landen (Rabobank) to offer you various possibilities for financing your earth-moving machine(s). The financing possibilities offered by De Lage Landen are always customised schemes, guaranteeing high speed and flexibility.

More information about rental, lease or financing?
Please contact us, free of any obligation, to get more information about the possibilities of renting, leasing and/or financing your earth-moving machine(s).