Maintenance, repairs, modifications and overhauls

Verhoeven’s Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Department is a guarantee for excellent product know-how, extensive experience and high-quality tools, all combined with efficient, customer-specific solutions. Our competent specialists provide you with expert information and advice on all your questions about maintenance, repairs, overhauls or modifications of your earth-moving machines. Verhoeven is the right address for:

Maintenance of your earth-moving machine(s)
Verhoeven provides all maintenance work, such as:
• complete periodic maintenance;
• oil analyses;
• replacing turrets.

Repairing your earth-moving machine(s)

Our team is ready to help you with all kinds of repairs, such as:
• repair of hydraulic systems;
• repair and overhaul of the complete drive line (engines, transmissions, shafts, etc);
• removing the play in hinge points.

Modifications and overhauls of your earth-moving machine(s)
Verhoeven performs customer-specific modifications to new or used machinery, including:
• preparing machines for overpressure, including alarm signalling;
• spraying your machines in your housestyle/corporate colours;
• fitting extra fuel provisions;
• expanding hydraulic functions;
• modifying drive systems, including mowing-bucket function, demolition/sorting function, breaking function, etc.

Safety audits of your earth-moving machine(s)
Verhoeven is your partner for technical inspections and safety audits:
• technical inspection for safety audits;
• safety audits (BMWT, Sigma).

On-site maintenance, repairs and inspections

Service is important for Verhoeven. Our fully equipped service vans can come to your company for on-site maintenance, repairs and safety inspections. Adjusting machines on site is also featured in our service offering.
Verhoeven has a mobile chain press to perform chain repair on site, throughout the Benelux.

Other services

Verhoeven is also your partner for anti-theft facilities, specialist courses, including Dutch BMWT courses, and stock and parts information.


If you would like to get more information, please contact us, free of any obligations. Of course, you can also phone us on: +31(0) 495 59 66 66.