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Equipment Repair & Overhaul

Verhoeven is an expert in repairing and overhauling all brands of equipment, including:

  • Demolition & sorting grabs
  • Orange peel grabs
  • Hydraulic breakers
  • All kinds of cutters, crushers & claws (steel cutters, demolition cutters, fixed and rotating crushers, etc.)
  • Grabs for transhipment operations
  • And much more

Verhoeven also specialises in repairing and overhauling loading and excavator buckets. The activities we carry out include:

  • Replacing master blades and suspension
  • Replacing hinge points (e.g. on tilting buckets, high tipping buckets)
  • Replacing scoops
  • Welding profile knives under buckets
  • Installing tooth systems
  • Wear protection systems (including Esco)
  • Welding on carbide
  • Removing the play in hinge points using modern mobile boring equipment.