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Servicing for your earth-moving machines, undercarriage components and equipment

Verhoeven finds servicing very important. The Service Group takes care of all overhaul, repair and servicing work on earth-moving machines, undercarriages and equipment. To be able to do all activities well, Verhoeven has three fully fitted-out workshops in the Benelux. And Verhoeven has its own field service with service vans for service and repairs on site.

Servicing machines
Verhoeven offers the right, fast and effective solutions for maintaining, repairing and overhauling your machine(s). Our experts with their know-how and experience, combined with excellent tools and high-quality parts, make sure that your machine is modified, repaired and overhauled professionally. The Verhoeven Service Department is ready for you: for complete periodic maintenance, oil analyses, repairs to hydraulic systems, repairs to and overhauls of the complete drive line, preparing machines for overpressure, including alarm signalling, fitting extra fuel facilities and safety inspections.

Servicing undercarriage components
You can have your undercarriage components maintained, repaired and overhauled safely and professionally by Verhoeven. Verhoeven has all the required knowledge to be able to solve your problems or questions with regard to any undercarriage or undercarriage component. Some of the services that Verhoeven can supply for your undercarriage are repairing and overhauling wheels, rollers, sprockets and chains. Of course, our experts only use the best, original parts of the Berco and Vematrack brands to ensure that your undercarriage and its components have the longest service life possible. And under the motto of ‘better safe than sorry’, Verhoeven offers free on-site undercarriage inspection.

Servicing equipment
Verhoeven expertly maintains, repairs and overhauls all brands of equipment, such as demolition and sorting grabs, orange peel grabs, hydraulic breakers, crushers & claws, grabs for transhipment operations, etc. Verhoeven also specialises in repairing and overhauling loading and excavator buckets. Example of these activities are: replacing scoops, welding profile knives, applying wear resistance and welding on carbide.

On-site servicing
Our service experts in their fully equipped service vans can come to your site for maintenance, repairs and safety inspections. Adjusting machines on site is also a feature of our service offering. Furthermore, Verhoeven has a mobile chain press to perform chain repairs on site, throughout the Benelux.