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VemaTEC is known as a quality brand for equipment, where high-quality materials, reliability and service always have priority.

VemaTEC equipment

VemaTEC equipment has an excellent price/performance ratio and comes in a very wide range. VemaTEC continually expands its product range, based on the latest state of the art and the prevailing market demand. Verhoeven supplies a comprehensive range of high-quality equipment such as excavator buckets, quick couplers, hydraulic breakers, demolition and sorting grabs, tilt rotators and demolition tools. All equipment and attachments supplied are of the highest quality to which Verhoeven adds excellent know-how and service.

Esco wear parts 

The VemaTEC program also features Esco products. Esco is the largest and leading manufacturer of wear parts. Esco’s worldwide market share is more than 80% for its mining products and it is considered as the number one brand for wear parts.