Crawler track undercarriages, powerpacks and final drives

VTS Track Solutions makes machines mobile

When you have developed the perfect machine, we make sure that it can move on crawler tracks. Regardless of the conditions and the underground. A load of 100 or 200,000 kg, activities on soggy farmland, an industrial or construction site … We are up to the challenge!

At VTS Track Solutions, we are specialised in crawler track undercarriages which we engineer and efficiently put together for you from standard parts and standard modules, at our very own site. Production takes place at our workshop in Maarheeze or at our own plant in China (depending on the size of the batch). That way, you are guaranteed perfectly fitting custom work, unbeatable prices and minimal turnaround times.

Crawler track undercarriage + powerpack = track solution

As your partner, we would like to take it up a few notches and offer you a comprehensive track solution. This includes a powerpack, providing the energy supply needed for both the crawler track undercarriage and the machine. Fuel, electric, hydraulic; everything needed for the optimal functioning of the machine. We provide a track solution that is fully ready to be mounted on the machine. At your request, we will assist you with the assembly as well.

We help you make your ambitions come true

We work in line with your company, whereby our engineers carefully consult with yours to ensure that everything fits seamlessly together. In this process, your wishes are the guiding principle. For example, when you are faced with the challenge of electrifying a machine park, our self-made electric battery powerpacks ensure that the machines can work autonomously. That way, we help you meet your clients’ latest requirements.

When you get to know VTS Track Solutions, you will find that we provide track solutions for everything in a pleasant, no-nonsense manner. We use clear communication and follow through on our promises, from one professional to another.



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