Working with Verhoeven

What’s working with Verhoeven like? Well, we are exactly at the intersection between being a family-owned company where everybody knows everybody else, and being a large, professional organisation. How does this show itself? Well, we have no secretaries, we speak to each other on a first name basis and tend to dress informally. Furthermore, our internal contacts and contacts with customers tend to be rather informal. Our organisation has a flat structure and people are interested in each other. We have highly diverse customers and we carry out a wide range of operations, such as service and sales, and also production.

Our thousands of items are sold through committed employees, using modern, computerised systems. Our growth constantly brings new opportunities for our people to develop themselves and sometimes causes our environment to change faster than you might expect. So that’s roughly what working with Verhoeven boils down to. But we’re always happy to welcome new colleagues to the professional and interesting world of Verhoeven! If you’re interested in one of our vacancies, or if you wish to send in an open application, then please fill in the online application form or send an email to